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We strive to maintain the highest quality of service in order to provide the best service for our passengers; we require all passengers to follow and comply to the following rules and regulations. It is agreed that it is not necessary to obtain a signed credit card slip, in case of cancellation as the reservation is made over the phone / fax / internet. Moreover, it is also agreed that Fort Worth Limo Bus does not require a signed credit card slip for the damages done to their limos by the negligence of the customer and the decision of Fort Worth Limo Bus will be the final By making reservation with Fort Worth Limo Bus the customer agrees and accept all the following listed policies. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 214-989-5700.

1. Smoking. Fort Worth Limousine bus service requires all chartered limos and sedans to remain smoke free at all times. Failure to comply will result in a $100.00 cleaning fine. Failure to pay fine will result in immediate termination of service without any refunds.

2. Sunroofs. No passenger may stand out of the sunroof. Standing out of the sunroof is against the law and violators will face fines by the police and are responsible for any damages caused to our vehicles.

3. Delays. Caused by weather, traffic conditions and mechanical problems are not the responsibility of Fort Worth Limo Bus. In case of a mechanical problem, Fort Worth Limo Bus will replace the limo with other limousine ASAP. No refunds in case of breakdowns as they are out of control of Fort Worth Limo Bus.

4. Damages caused by negligence of any passenger will be the liability of the renting party. All damages will be charged to the renter plus a fee for downtime of the vehicle.

5. Fees for service must be prepaid, including all state taxes and a service charge of 20%. However, if the customer leave the limousine before the agreed time or call other limousine service in between the run; the customer still have to pay for the total agreed time. Extended times for all rentals must be cleared with the driver in advance and are subject to availability.

6. Drive Time. Time starts when we pick up at the first location and stops on the last drop off. Out of town trips are always charged round trip.

7. Lost or stolen items are not responsibility of the Fort Worth Limo Bus.

8. Color preference may not always be possible due to other reservations going longer than expected. We try our best to provide you with the color and make of your choice but do not guarantee it.

9. Cancellations Policy Once we reserve the vehicle for your exclusive use, Fort Worth Limo Bus cannot market that vehicle to anyone else, thus Fort Worth limo bus service  do not offer any refunds. There is a 100% Cancelation fees once reservation is made and will be charged to the credit card used to reserve the limousine. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. We do not require to have a signed credit Card slip as customer agrees to the Cancelation Policy by providing the Credit Card to make the reservations.

10.   Deposits. Certain dates and vehicles require deposits in the amount of at least $500.00 up to 100% of total charge. A deposit must be given to make a confirmed reservation. The deposits are always NON REFUNDABLE . No holds are done without a deposit.

11.  Alcoholic Beverages may only be consumed by passengers over 21. Alcoholic beveragescan be only brought to the limos/party bus, if each member of the renting party riding the bus is of age 21. Either alcohol or under age will ride the bus. Chauffer have a right to check the picture ID of each and every member riding the bus. If a minor is found a chauffeur have a right to refuse under 21 to ride the limo/bus if alcoholic beverages are found inside the bus.Alcohol may only be consumed by passengers over 21. It is unlawful for any minors to carry any alcoholic beverage in the limo at any time and it is considered grounds for termination of the services without refund. Any such items will be taken away from minors and they will be taken to our office for parents to reclaim with an appointment with the proper authorities.

12.   Rough behavior, illegal activities or LEWD ACTS are not allowed in the limousine at any time, and will result in termination of character without refunds.

13.   Eating is not allowed inside of any of the vehicles other than that provided by Fort Worth Limo Bus.

14 Cleaning fees will be charged to parties who do not keep the inside of the vehicle clean. If any member of the renting party puke in the car, it is subject to the cleaning charges of $250.00. The fees range from a minimum of $250.00 to a maximum of $500.00.

15. Waiting Time: While the customer is in the club, Fort Worth Limo Bus require 10 minutes notice before you need the limousine. However, if the neighborhood is crowded customer have to wait. Please note that  catching a Taxi Cab in between the limo rental for any reason i.e Mechanical , waiting due to traffic, or for any reason beyond our control  will terminate the limo contract without any refund

16. Coolers with hard plastic are allowed in the limousine and limo bus. NO KEGS in our limo bus. We do not allow to party on the wheels.

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